Expert Residential Solar Panel Installation in Dublin, CA


  • Would you like a complete solar power system but don’t want to lift a finger? You’re lucky because we can take care of every aspect of your solar installation. Get a solar energy system and lower your electric bill. Save the environment, save money.
  • A solar panel installation is setting up a photovoltaic system to generate electricity. The size of the system, and its capacity, will depend on your needs, roof space, and budget. Solar panels are gaining popularity in the United States. They can provide energy for your home, so you can reduce your electric bill and make a positive impact on the environment.


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How does installing solar panels affect my PG&E bill?

Installing solar panels can significantly reduce your PG&E electricity bill. Any excess energy generated can be fed back to the grid, potentially earning you small credits through net metering.

How do I know how many solar panels I need?

Based on your annual electrical consumption of your home, your solar expert will help you determine the size of your system. We use a combination of analyzing your historical data as well as listening to your specific goals to develop a solution for current or future needs.

What is the solar installation process like?

With many years of experience, Sunlight Electri-Cal Solutions has systems in place to ensure you are informed at every milestone of your project. Once all plans and designs are approved by local building department and a permit is issued, installation proceeds. The next steps are to pass the final inspection and submit an interconnection application with your local Utility Company to get permission to operate approval.

What is a solar microinverter?

Microinverters are independent inverters that are attached under each solar panel. The job of the microinverters is to convert the sun’s energy (DC) that was produced by the solar panel to usable (AC) energy that feeds your home, battery, or the grid.

Will my solar system work during a power outage?

When you have a solar panel system only, it is considered “Grid Tied”. When the power of the grid goes down, so will your solar system. A solar battery back up system can help prevent an outage by rerouting your stored solar energy to power your essential devices during an outage.

What is the process for interconnecting my solar system with PG&E?

The process includes submitting an application, installing the system, passing a building department final inspection, and receiving permission to operate (PTO) from PG&E.

How long does it take to get permission to operate (PTO) from PG&E?

The timeline can vary, but it generally takes a few weeks to a couple of months from the time you submit your application to when you receive PTO.

Do solar panels produce energy when the sun is not out?

If the weather is cloudy, your solar panels will still produce energy. The amount produced will be less than a day of full sun. However, you are able to purchase a solar battery(s) to store energy for later use.

Will I still receive an electric bill from PG&E?

After you install solar panels, you will continue to receive your monthly electric bills. Each month you need to pay your NBCs (non-by passable charges), which are service fees that are necessary to stay connected to the grid. Your bill also entails a summary of your Generation and Delivery charges.

Do I need to upgrade my main service panel?

Depending on your current panel and future electrical needs, you may need an upgrade. Our team will address these variables to determine if an upgrade is necessary for your project.

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