Reliable Home Battery Backup Solutions in Dublin, CA

Home battery backup solutions

  • Whether you’re looking to save on your electricity bills or completely take your home off the grid, the solar + battery install service is a good fit. If you get power from the utility company, batteries paired with solar energy will boost your future energy independence even if you don’t see any initial savings.
  • The solar and battery system is the backbone of any off-grid system. Your batteries are what store the energy produced by your solar panels so that you can use them at night or on cloudy days. The size of your battery bank depends on how much electricity you need to store and how long you want your power to last between charges. A good rule of thumb is that you should have enough storage capacity to keep your lights on for three days without sunlight, but if you’re using appliances like a refrigerator, run this number closer to 5 days.
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Home battery backup solutions FAQ

How do solar batteries work?

Solar battery storage systems store excess energy generated by solar panels for later use. This stored energy can be used during periods of low sunlight, power outages, or during peak electricity rate times.

How long can a solar battery provide power?

The duration a battery can provide power depends on its capacity and your energy usage. Typically, a fully charged battery can provide power for several hours to a full day, depending on the system size and consumption patterns.

Are there any financial incentives for installing a solar battery?

Yes, various incentives may be available, such as federal tax credits, state rebates, and utility programs. It’s best to check with your CPA, local authorities, and Utility provider for specific incentives in your area.

Can I add a battery storage system to my existing solar panel setup?

Yes, most existing solar panel systems can be retrofitted with a battery storage system. Consult with our team to determine compatibility and installation requirements.

How long do solar batteries last?

Solar batteries generally last between 10 to 15 years, depending on the type and usage. Most batteries come with a warranty that covers 10 to 15 years. Ask our team how we can cover your battery for 20 years.

Do solar batteries require maintenance?

Solar batteries require minimal maintenance. Periodic checks on the system’s performance is recommended.

How much does a solar battery storage system cost?

Costs vary depending on the battery capacity, brand, and installation fees. We price our projects based on the scope of work and the feedback per your specifications. Consult our team about getting a customized quote!

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