Comprehensive Solar and Electrical Services in Dublin, CA


  • Would you like a complete solar power system but don’t want to lift a finger? You’re lucky because we can take care of every aspect of your solar installation. Get a solar energy system and lower your electric bill. Save the environment, save money.
  • A solar panel installation is setting up a photovoltaic system to generate electricity. The size of the system, and its capacity, will depend on your needs, roof space, and budget. Solar panels are gaining popularity in the United States. They can provide energy for your home, so you can reduce your electric bill and make a positive impact on the environment.
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  • The most common problems with existing solar systems are inverter failure, combiner box failure, and other issues related to the wiring of the inverter. Lightning strikes or surges damage inverters to the house wiring and power fluctuations caused by utility outages or brownouts.
  • Common problems that can occur:
    • Solar panels do not produce enough electricity
    • The inverter is not working correctly or not turning on at all
    • Inverters dropping out while operating at full capacity
    • Inverters shutting down while charging batteries
    • No power coming from the panels
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Home battery backup solutions

  • Whether you’re looking to save on your electricity bills or completely take your home off the grid, the solar + battery install service is a good fit. If you get power from the utility company, batteries paired with solar energy will boost your future energy independence even if you don’t see any initial savings.
  • The solar and battery system is the backbone of any off-grid system. Your batteries are what store the energy produced by your solar panels so that you can use them at night or on cloudy days. The size of your battery bank depends on how much electricity you need to store and how long you want your power to last between charges. A good rule of thumb is that you should have enough storage capacity to keep your lights on for three days without sunlight, but if you’re using appliances like a refrigerator, run this number closer to 5 days.
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Electric vehicle charger

  • We offer electric vehicle charging installation for residential clients. We can install Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations at your home.
  • The State of California licenses our contractors, and they will safely install your charger to ensure it is up to code. Our team will also help you choose which type of charger would be best for your needs.
  • Compared to gas-powered vehicles, EVs use much less energy to travel the same distance. If you have an electric vehicle charger installation at home or work, you can use this free energy to power all sorts of devices in your home, including lights and appliances. You may even be able to sell excess power back to your local utility company!
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Main panel upgrades

  • Solar panel upgrades for existing solar systems are excellent ways to reduce electricity bills and make money with energy generation. We can either build in a more extensive solar power system or upgrade. Reasons for needing the main panel will be if you have an outdated Main Panel that voids current code or is simply undersized to add additional loads to the home, such as solar. We handle the solar and MPU all in-house. (This Is not referring to solar panels but the Main Electrical panel where all the breakers are located; Not all electrical main panels can have solar connected to them).
  • The main panel is the first point of contact for energy from the solar array. Your main panel can be upgraded in several ways to increase its overall efficiency. Removing the old existing Main Panel and replacing it with a new panel to bring it up to code and be more efficient. (you cant add more panels as there are variations of Main Panels-Overhead or Underground utility service lines that can dictate if we could upgrade the main panel, let’s say, from 100 amps to 200 amps. Usually, overhead services are easier to upgrade. If it is underground, we would keep the same amperage of the existing electrical main panel but add a more code-compliant replacement. Maybe delete this àOne way to do this is by adding more solar panels to your existing system. For example, if you have only one 200-watt solar panel installed on your roof, you can add another one so that both panels work together as a single 400-watt system.
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Sub panel upgrades

  • The sub-panel is another excellent option to upgrade if the home’s sub-panel is outdated and you plan on connecting the solar to the sub-panel vs. the main panel. Every installation is unique, so it is sometimes best to connect the solar in the sub-panel instead of the main one, although this is not always the case. The inverters are what convert the sun’s direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which uses electricity. Maybe delete this àThe sub-panel is where that energy is converted into usable electricity. The sub-panel is a small section of your solar array connected to one or more strings and produces power—the more extensive the array, the more sub-panels you will need to install.
  • Replace an older inverter with a newer micro inverter model that provides faster transfer speeds from your solar sub-panel to your home’s electrical grid. This will improve efficiency by reducing voltage drops and increasing voltage stability over long distances within your home’s wiring system.
  • If you have recently installed new panels, it is possible the new panels may not match up with those already installed on your roof. In this case, upgrading the old panels to match the new ones can save time and money by eliminating the need for additional wiring and equipment.
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