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We, the owners, Juan Meza, Carlos Gomez, and Issac Villarreal began as an A team install crew. After hearing the many frustrations homeowners were having, we decided to start our own business. At Sunlight Electri-Cal Solutions, we believe in taking care of our clients from start to finish. From the moment you sign, you become a part of the Sunlight Electri-Cal Solutions family. From that point forward, rest assured, we will be there for you every step of the way to make sure your entire experience is seamless, communicative, and stress free.






Commercial Solar Installation Dublin

One-Stop Shop

Having our installations done in-house including other electrical services is something we take pride in.

Best Solar Panels System in Dublin California

Financial savings

Our solar installations can significantly lower your power bill and help you save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the systems lifetime.


Best Solar Panel and Battery System Installers in Dublin California


When you hire Sunlight Electri-Cal Solutions, you get a company with your best interest always in mind. With a reputation for using premium products, providing quality installations, and competitive pricing, you can assure you are in great hands.



Commercial Solar Installation Dublin


Knowing that you can make an impact on the environment by going solar is something to be proud of. Not only are you saving money each month, but you are also helping mother nature.

Solar Panel Installation California


We understand that trusting your contractor is super important. We’re an easy solar company to trust and one that you can enjoy working with. We’ll be there every step and ensure it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Solar Panel Installation in Dublin California


At Sunlight Electri-Cal Solutions, we understand that the strength of solar panels lies in their ability to generate electricity. That is why we only install premium solar panels, inverters, and batteries.

SunlightElectricalSolutions - Team

Juan Meza

Juan Meza provides home owners home energy analysis by educating them in understanding their electrical bills and where they are projected for the future. Having the best intention for the home owners is priority along with providing honest transparent information. He takes pride in the quality of customer service and loves to help homeowners save money by providing them with a more cost effective solution all while helping out the environment. Coming from an installer background, Juan can identify if your electrical breaker panel is compatible to go solar or needs a main panel upgrade.

    SunlightElectricalSolutions - Team

    Issac Villarreal

    Issac Villarreal is a veteran electrician/solar installer. He can do any aspect of solar installation from grid tied solar system, solar and battery storage, Main Panel Upgrades, Subpanel Upgrades, EV charger installations. He has high quality craftsmanship and takes pride in his work. Making sure that he meets and surpasses homeowners expectations is what he aims for on each installation.

      SunlightElectricalSolutions - Team

      Carlos Gomez

      Carlos Gomez is another veteran electrician/solar installer/project manager. He does all of the above. Making sure that your installation is moving efficiently through the permit process of the local jurisdictions. He also has great work ethic and loves to provide homeowners with a great customer service on and off the job site.

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